• By law you are not allowed to insure a car at more than one company, therefore we can not insure your car while it is under our care. We will, however pay a portion towards your insurance excess, if it can be proved beyond reasonable doubt, that our company, or our driver, was at fault. While your car is on our premises, it will be covered against fire damage.
  • Lanseria Parking or any of its employees will not be held liable for any loss of or damage to property or held responsible for any injury or loss of life sustained.
  • For security reasons and the high risk of hi-jacking, we can not disclose the address of our secure parking facility.
  • Lanseria Parking will under no circumstances be held responsible for any damage or loss to tyres or alloy wheels.
  • A cancellation fee will be payable to Lanseria Parking if a booking is not honored and it was not canceled at least 12 hours in advanced.
  • If your vehicle’s LOW FUEL light is on, we will put in R100.00 worth of fuel which will be added to your bill. An additional service fee of R30 will be added to your bill as well.
  • It is the customer’s responsibility to notify Lanseria Parking of the time they will arrive at Lanseria Airport, and we will not be held liable for any late delivery of the vehicle’s if not notified.
  • By making a booking with Lanseria Parking, the client acknowledge that he/she accept these terms and conditions.
  • We urge customers to make a note of their odometer reading, while transporting your car to our premises, we will never drive more than 20 km.
  • There might be a possible 10 to 15 min waiting time upon your return, especially during peak hours.


Our parking area has beams, cameras, high walls, electric fencing and armed response to ensure the maximum security for your vehicle.

After dropping your car off with us, we only drive it to our car park which is less than 1km away from our reception area.

We have cover for fire and hail damage. Unfortunately we can not insure your car against theft as the insurance companies do not allow for this.

Our drivers are also all insured.

We have space to park up to 70 cars in undercover parking spots.